Frequently asked questions

Our startup is not a social startup, can we still apply?

Our program is dedicated to social/impact startups. However, if you believe your startup has a potential for social/environmental impact and you are willing to commit to transforming your business model, we will consider your application.

Do I have to be Moroccan to apply for the program?

Nope, you can be from anywhere in the world, but your startup must be based in Morocco.

Do we have to be based in Rabat to be part of the program?

You can be based anywhere in Morocco, but you have to be able to come frequently to Rabat for our events and trainings.

How can I improve my chances of being selected?

First, take a look at what we’re looking for in a social startup, and give us as thorough of answers as you can.

How much seed funding do you invest in startups?

Our initial investment is about 28,500 Moroccan dirhams. We may invest more or less depending on your needs, and we’ll work with you to develop a fundraising strategy suited to your business model. And yes, we know it’s a very small amount, but our aim is to invest in startups at a much earlier stage than most investors in Morocco..

How many people per startup can participate in the program?

We allow two co-founders per startup. This is for both logistical and pedagogical reasons.

What if I’ve already participated in an incubation/acceleration program or a startup competition? Can I still apply?

Of course, that’s great! We are looking for social entrepreneurs that are actively developing their startups and participating in training programs/incubators/competitions is a sign of effort and dedication.